Accounting (ACCA Program): ACCA International Accounting

Educational Objectives:
The ACCA program integrates ACCA core courses into the current accounting curriculum. The foundation and core courses are delivered in English or English & Chinese bilingual as the medium of instruction. It aims to develop the students’ theoretical and functional knowledge and skills that are expected for today’s professional accountants. Students can obtain comprehensive and in-depth knowledge in different facets of accounting and to prepare them for professions in Big Four accounting firms, multinational companies as well as large organizations. Accordingly, students will be required to study a range of general education, business, and marketing courses to achieve a balanced liberal arts and business education.
Students can study at Guangzhou College of SCUT (GCU) for 4 years to obtain degrees conferred by GCU. Qualified students also have the option to apply for '3+1' '2+2' program to study at our partner universities abroad in U.K., U.S.A., Australia and Canada in junior and senior years. Students who satisfy relevant graduation requirements will also be conferred corresponding degrees from our partner universities in addition to the degrees from GCU.

Core Courses:
Accountant in Business (ACCA), Management Accounting (ACCA), Principle of Financial Accounting (ACCA), Intermediate Financial Accounting (ACCA), Advanced Financial Accounting (ACCA), Corporate and Business Law (ACCA), Performance Management (ACCA), Taxation (ACCA), International Financial Reporting Standard (ACCA), Audit and Assurance (ACCA), Financial Management (ACCA), Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Cross Cultural Communications.

Career and Job Prospects:
Students could pursue further study abroad or pursue career in the areas of financial accounting, auditing, tax advising, and financial consultancy practices.